19 September 2021
Constantine: protesters flock to downtown2 year ago
Constantine: protesters flock to downtown
Morning gathering in front of the Grand Post square in Algiers.
Rally at Place Maurice Audin
Rally today in Algiers
The Chief of Staff of Algeria: The army will remain committed to preserving the gains of the nation and support any initiative in the context of resolving the crisis
Chief of Staff of the Algerian Army: We have detected some voices that do not want good for Algeria
23/4/19 Several thousand students at the moment in the center of Algiers to denounce the regime
Students begin their demonstration in Algiers
Big rally today in Algiers
Algerian army recent drills near Libya borders2 year ago
Algerian army recent drills near Libya borders
Algiers, 9th Friday: hundreds of people demonstrate this morning in front of the Grand Poste
Algerian Army Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Kaid Saleh: The greatest stakes are preserving Algerian independence
Bouira: lawyers begin to gather inside the Court of Justice (Photo: @TSAlgerie)
Demonstration against Sidi Said in front of the UGTA headquarters in Algiers
Algerian Chief of Staff: Time is on our hands and there is no possibility of further postponement under a special and complex situation
Protests in Algeria continue across the country - as it's Tuesday,it's mainly students mobilizing today.Police forces reportedly again hostile toward marches in Algiers.Le pouvoir backs off again with limited concession as head of constitutional council,Tayeb Belaïz,steps down
2 year ago
Algerian sources: Constitutional Council President Tayeb Beliz resigns
Large rally today in Algiers
Algiers: Tactical retreat of the police at the moment. The students are now rallying. Water cannons present next door
11:25 Part of Didouche Mourad Street entirely occupied by Algiers students
A great mobilization today despite (thanks to) the repression. The students started walking on Didouche street and it reminds them of their first Tuesdays.
Algeria: Protesters continue not only in Algiers against the regime for the 8th week in a row. Oran also shows the change of government after Bouteflika's departure2 year ago
Algeria: Protesters continue not only in Algiers against the regime for the 8th week in a row. Oran also shows the change of government after Bouteflika's departure
Algeria: There are reports of tear gas being fired at demonstrators in Algiers.The video shows boulevard Mohamed V. Bensalah, who replaces Bouteflika until the election, did not get the support of the people
On the street, Algerians do not surrender against the acting president
Souk Ahras: Despite the rain the protesters said no to Bensalah. The last word comes back to the people [Photos: DR]
Bouira: Protesters displayed banners calling for departure of Gaid Salah (Photo: TSA)
Algeria: In Algiers, the police block the protesters with vehicles and use the water cannon to disperse, while they are demonstrating to demand the change of regime embodied by the acting president Bensalah. Video: @khaleddrareni
2:25pm: Downtown Algiers Protesters applaud the police
14:30 Protesters continue to flow to downtown Algiers. Police vehicles blocked the street Didouche Mourad making difficult the passage of protesters
Police use water cannon at Audin square in Algers
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