Map. History of Algeria conflict

13 قد 2021
النيابة العامة الجزائرية تلتمس السجن 20 لأحمد أويحيى وعبد الملك سلال وعبد السلام بوشوارب
Algeria: mass pro-democracy protests in Oran, the country's second largest city1 سنة منذ
Algeria: mass pro-democracy protests in Oran, the country's second largest city
Algiers, 42nd Friday: protesters call for a general strike
Algiers: the demonstration of the 42nd Friday has begun. Large police force deployed1 سنة منذ
Algiers: the demonstration of the 42nd Friday has begun. Large police force deployed
Rally on 41st Friday of protests in Constantine1 سنة منذ
Rally on 41st Friday of protests in Constantine
Algiers, 41st Friday: protesters chant: "Hand in hand, we will obtain independence"
Algiers, 41st Friday: tensions between protesters and the police
Algiers, 41st Friday: protesters chant: "Talbin Hurriya".
البرلمان الجزائري يرفض بيان الاتحاد الأوروبي حول الحريات في البلاد
Reunion of the families of the political prisoners at this time in the place Audin, Algiers center. The police encircle the places
1 سنة منذ
Oran: beginning of the demonstration in place of the first of November (ex-place d'armes). Hundreds of young people gathered and chanted anti-government slogans that is preparing to hold elections on December 12
Algiers, 40th Friday: the portraits of the detainees of the hirak brandished by the demonstrators.
Tamanrasset: The clashes resulted, IS claimed, after the Algerian military attempted to capture IS militants using helicopters and resulted in the killing of an army officer
ISIS officially claims killing 8 Algerian soldiers during clashes in Tamanrasset.
Night demonstration in Algiers: Eight protesters detained
الجزائر — رئيس الأركان: الجزائر بحاجة ماسة إلى أبنائها المخلصين في هذه الظروف
Algerian Ch-4b armed drone
Algeria: 39th Friday of mass protests.
1 سنة منذ
المجلس الدستوري الجزائري يوافق على ملفات 6 مرشحين لخوض الانتخابات الرئاسية التي ستعقد في 12 من الشهر المقبل
38th Friday, Algiers: the demonstrators say no to the vote. "Iskat lvote wajeb watani"
Algiers, 38th Friday: the first demonstrators march in the city center despite the rain
37th Tuesday: the demonstration continues in Algiers. The students are at the Place Audin. They chant: "There will be no vote" (Photos: @TSAlgerie)
1 سنة منذ
37th Tuesday of the students: in Setif, the demonstrators denounce the repression suffered by the striking magistrates in Oran. "Justice must not be humiliated," they say in particular.
Algiers, 37th Tuesday: Students call for respect for freedom of expression and the independence of justice. (Photo: @TSAlgerie)
Demonstration in Bouira
Alger: The space between the Grande Poste and the Place Audin is almost completely filled. Since 22/2, such crowds have rarely been seen before the end of the weekly prayer. (Photo: @TSAlgerie)
37th Friday, Algiers, Place de la Grande Poste: the crowd continues to grow
Algiers, 37th Friday: the number of protesters continues to increase. Protesters chanted slogans hostile to the presidential power and demand the release of prisoners of conscience. (Photos: @TSAlgerie)
تظاهرات حاشدة في الجزائر في الأسبوع السابع والثلاثين
1 سنة منذ
الجزائر — الجزائريون يتوجهون نحو العاصمة للمشاركة في مسيرات الأول من نوفمبر
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