27 Juillet 2021
The fire at the Houari Boumediene Airport domestic flights building was caused by a short circuit that extended into luggage
A fire broke out inside Algiers International Airport, resulting in the collapse of a building in the domestic flights section
32e mardi des étudiants : les étudiants marchent à Alger et à travers plusieurs wilayas
1 année il y a
Algerian security forces release a reporter and cameraman for Al-Arabiya television after being briefly detained
Constantine : la manifestation du 32e vendredi en photos (Photos : @TSAlgerie)1 année il y a
Constantine : la manifestation du 32e vendredi en photos (Photos : @TSAlgerie)
Biskra : la manifestation du 32e vendredi en photos (Source : Yassine Kaidi)1 année il y a
Biskra : la manifestation du 32e vendredi en photos (Source : Yassine Kaidi)
Algeria: Protesters in the streets of Algiers, calling for the downfall of army chief GaidSalah. The Algerian pro-democracy movement enters its 32nd week
Algeria: pro-democracy protests in the Kabylie city of Bejaia1 année il y a
Algeria: pro-democracy protests in the Kabylie city of Bejaia
Algerian military tribunal sentences Said Bouteflika, Louisa Hanoune, and former security strongmen Mohamed Mediène and Bachir Tartag to 15 years in prison. Three others abroad get 20 years, one of them being Khaled Nezzar
1 année il y a
Algerian Chief of Staff: There are no political ambitions to lead the army, except to serve Algeria and its people
Algérie : huit nourrissons sont morts dans l'incendie d'une maternité
Algeria: Bouteflika's brother and others tried for conspiracy against army authority
Alger, 31e vendredi : les rues du centre-ville noires de monde (Photos : DR)
Des manifestants arrivent encore de la rue Hassiba Ben Bouali en direction de la Grande Poste.
Alger, 31e vendredi : le retour en force du hirak se confirme à moins de trois mois de la présidentielle du 12 décembre
1 année il y a
Jijel : forte mobilisation des manifestants qui scandent des slogans hostiles au pouvoir
1 année il y a
Former Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika and his wife are jailed on corruption charges
1 année il y a
Relizane : trois morts dont deux lors des affrontements avec la police (justice)
Algerian Chief of Staff: The people want to change the status quo and elections are the solution
1 année il y a
Chief of Staff of the Algerian Army: We faced a serious conspiracy aimed at destroying the country
1 année il y a
Algeria Army Chief of Staff: We realized from the outset of the crisis that a conspiracy was secretly waged against Algeria
Samir Benlarbi placé en détention provisoire
L’opposant Samir Benlarbi « kidnappé »
Interim Algerian President: The state did not interfere in the dialogue that led to consensus on the elections
1 année il y a
Algerian opposition figure Karim Tabou, arrested yesterday, placed in pre-trial detention after he appeared in court today. He is accused of "undermining the army's moral", one of his lawyers told TSA Algérie
1 année il y a
The Algerian House of Representatives ratifies the draft law of the Independent Electoral Authority
Algerian army chief: Badawi's government has accomplished many of its field missions
Karim Tabou was arrested by Algeria authorities
Reuters quotes Algerian government source as saying Prime Minister Noureddine Badawi "will resign soon"
Algeria- cache containing 19 "100mm shells" discovered by ANP in Tamanrasset, along Mali-Niger borders
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