31 July 2021
Bouteflika's plane returned from Geneva to Algeria and he is not on board.
A person dies in a stampede during a protest in Algiers
Northern Democratic Brigade support the Syrian Democratic Forces in Baghuz Fawqani.
Heavy clashes between Syrian Democratic and ISIS militants reported in Al-Baghuz Fawqani camp
HRE(YPG):Video provided for the 2/28/19 IED attack near Tel Anab (al-Bab). This brings the February's total claimed attacks up to 25
3 more HRE(YPG "Afrin Liberation forces") attacks claimed in Afrin and ES territory, Feb 27-28.
A statement by the Algerian police: 56 policemen and 7 citizens were injured in the preliminary toll of the demonstrations
Heavy clashes in Baghouz now.
A civilian was killed by unidentified gunmen in the town of Sarmin, east of Idlib.
Death toll of blast in cafe in Idlib reached 7
2 year ago
Clashes between the FSA and the SDF near the village of Al Bogaz west of the city of Manbij.
15,000 troops taking part in the final assault on ISIS in Baghuz, aided by US/coalition air power and artillery, - SDF official
Algeria: clashes near the presidential palace during the demonstration against a possible 5th term of Bouteflika. Dozens of wounded, it seems.
Air raids by international coalition aircraft targeting the outskirts of al-Bagbuz camp in the eastern Deir Ez-Zur.
SDF launched assault on last Daesh camp in Al Baghuz village in Deir ez-Zur, heavy strikes on the area
New OPCW Fact Finding Mission report on Douma published
Observatory: About 250 artillery shells and missiles targeted villages and towns in the northern Hama countryside this evening.
US helicopters in Syria. A Chinook2 year ago
US helicopters in Syria. A Chinook
Mustafa Bali: After evacuation of thousands of civilians and our comrades who held hostage in Baghouz, operation to clear the last remaining pocket of ISIS has just started at 18:00 this evening.
Video: heavy shelling today on Khan Shaykhun in Idlib
Video: heavy shelling today on Khan Shaykhun in Idlib
Child Ibrahim Mohammed Khatib was killed in rocket strike on Maarat Hurmah in Idlib
Artillery shelling on Qallat al-Madiq in Western Hama
AFP: Algerian police use tear gas to disperse demonstrations near government headquarters
A child was injured by a rocket attack on the town of Sharia, west of Hama
A child was injured by a rocket attack by pro-Assad forces on the town of Maarat Haramah in southern Syria
A rocket attack targeting the village of Qasabiya south of Idlib, Artillery shelling targeting Horta village, northwest of Hama, Artillery shelling targeting the town of Habait south of Idlib.
One person was killed and six others injured in the bombing of the restaurant "Al-Dabab" in Idlib
Armed Opposition forces fire Grad rockets at al-Siklibiya.
Heavy explosion in Al Dubait district of Idlib
Al-Mouradi. Near the presidential palace. Algeria
Armed opposition factions targeted the positions of the pro-Assad forces in the camp of Jorin, in the towns of Salhab and Muhradah
Shelling from Military academy in Aleppo targeting Al Zahra association and Al Rashidin districts
Three attacks aimed at Kafr Zeita, north of Hama.
Video showing heavy shelling these minutes on Khan Shaykhun
Civil defense teams working on the site of attack in Khan Shaykhun
Pro-Assad forces shelling several points in Al Ghab plain with artillery
One person was killed and several others injured in the shelling on Khan Sheikhan.
Rally in Oran, Algeria2 year ago
Rally in Oran, Algeria
AFP: Thousands of people began gathering in the Algerian capital as part of protests
Demonstration in Khan Asal condemning the shelling on the southern countryside of Idlib and the northern Hama countryside
Artillery shelling on Ltamenah town in Northern Hama
Artillery shelling on Ltamenah town in Northern Hama
Armed opposition forces have targeted town of Muhardah with rockets
Pro-Assad forces targeted the city of Khan Sheikhan in the southern countryside of Idlib with rockets and artillery
⁦Video of ISIS fighters from @BBCArabic⁩ report today from Albukamal
Demonstrations in Algeria were dispersed with tear gas
Artillery shelling from the positions of the pro-Assad forces targeting the city of Kafr Zeita north of Hama
Civilians were wounded by artillery shelling of the pro-Assad forces on the city of Kafr Hamra in the northern Aleppo countryside.
Artillery shelling targeting residential areas in the town of Latamna in the northern outskirts of Hama
2 year ago
UN says 84 Syrians have died since December on way to al-Hol camp in northern Syria after fleeing ISIS in Deir Ezzor, two-thirds of them children
SAA lieutenant was killed as opposition forces targeted positions of the pro-Assad forces on the Souran axis.
An artillery shelling by the pro-Assad forces targets the town of Khan Sheikhan in the southern Idlib
2 year ago
Turkish Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu and his Russian counterpart Lavrov discussed the Syrian issue by telephone
A convoy of Turkish forces entering greater Idlib tonight.
2 year ago
Turkish Defense Minister Kholsi Acar discusses on phone with his acting US counterpart Patrick Shanahan the latest developments in Syria and the withdrawal of Washington's troops from it and the safe area
It's old information
SyAF's warplane flying over Saraqeb today.
While addressing U.S. troops in Alaska, President Trump claims "100 percent" of the ISIS caliphate has been defeated. The Pentagon would not confirm the president's assertion about ISIS being defeated, instead referring @ABC News back to the White House.
4 tents burnt in Adam IDP camp in Jisr ash Shughur
Surface-to-surface missiles targeting the town of Khan Sheikhun.
On the descent into Latakia, Syria is Russian AF RFF7341 RA78830 IL76MD probably out of Chkalovsky, Moscow. 2037z
A new raid targeting Khan Sheikun.
Fire in Maarat Al Numan as result of air strike
Jet fighters striking Maarat-al-Numan in Idlib
Netanyahu opens by thanking Putin for accepting that Israel will continue acting to defend itself against Iran in Syria. And then thanks "my friend President Trump" for praising him this morning and his support for Israel. Says these connections are not to be taken for granted.
The head of intelligence of the "Syrian Democratic Forces" Sheru Hamo was killed by unknown gunmen near the area of Al-Shabab housing in the city of Raqqa.
Pro-Assad forces shelling Al Tah and Umm Jalal villages in Southern Idlib
Pro-Assad forces shelled Al Tah town south to Maarat Al-Numan with volley of 10 missiles
Pro-Assad forces with mortar shells hit the villages of al-Hawiz and al-Tuwaina and the Beit al-Ras west of Hama
2 year ago
Three civilians were injured when a fuel tank exploded in the town of Kufra, northern Aleppo
The Libyan National Army controls the city of Ghat and the western Awainat region on the border with Algeria
[email protected] confirms death of French voice of ISIS Fabien Clain - aka Abu Anas al Faransi - in February 20 airstrike in Baghuz Syria
The city of Raqqa is slowly coming back to life. Video shows town in late afternoon
Russian Navy Russian Navy  490 'Admiral Essen',a Admiral Grigorovich Class frigate of project  11356 departed Sevastopol and start deployed to the Mediterranean Sea.  She is rotates her sistership -  499 'Admiral Makarov'.2 year ago
Russian Navy Russian Navy 490 'Admiral Essen',a Admiral Grigorovich Class frigate of project 11356 departed Sevastopol and start deployed to the Mediterranean Sea. She is rotates her sistership - 499 'Admiral Makarov'.
Aftermath of airstrikes on Khan al Sibel. Idlib
Rep. Of France ton UNSC: The regime is constantly violating the cease-fire in northern Syria
UN envoy to Syria: I am seeking direct negotiations between the government and the opposition and want to engage directly with them
More than 200 IS members who left Baghouz with their families reportedly surrendered to the SDF. Foreign fighters were also amongst them. Photos @hawarnews
UN envoy to Syria briefed the UN Security Council
SyAF jets bombing Khan Al Subul
SyAF aircrafts launching S-8 missiles on Saraqib in Eastern Idlib
Pro-Assad forces shot at Qaalat Al-Madiq with machine guns
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